White Hat SEO

What is a White Hat SEO? It is a method that uses a natural way of creating traffic on our website. It utilizes techniques and strategies that totally follow search engine rules. White hat SEO focuses especially on the content of the website. It is the way of implementing good, safe, and Google-approved information-packed in able to get the highest rank and good search engine quality.


There are many safe white hat SEO techniques that a website should practice to achieve and create higher search engine rankings.
1.Good Content. There is a saying ‘content is a King’. Having quality content is the most important thing in optimizing a site for search engines.
2.Internal Linking. It is the best way of creating a popular site. It means that you can link from one page of your site to another.
3.Back Linking. It is a one way of letting the user to link or get back on your site.
4.Keywords Research and Use. Providing your website keywords will help the users to find your site.
5.ALT and Tags. If not familiar with SEO, it is better to include ALT and title tags on your pages, links, and images. It is the easy way for search engine to index you.
A website should be always in lined with a webmaster’s goal and the main purpose in order to maintain your site from the search results pages. Here are some tips:
1.Be updated. Updating your website regularly leads your site to be web crawlers free. It is more likely that the users or customers will go to the site with new or updated content.
2.URL’s. Creating a descriptive and clear URL for your website should show what is on the page. A search engine is looking at URL’s for search results.
3.Anchor Text. It is the clickable text in a hyperlink. Anchor text should be related to the attached link.
4.Image Descriptions. If you use images on your site, you should provide a proper description with it to avoid Web crawlers.
5.Website Load. It is always a website with a fast loading system preferred by users and Google search engines. Accelerating your website load is better.
These methods will help your website with the following white hat SEO strategies:
1.Regularly produce high quality content on your site.
2.Create a site map to Google and Yahoo
3.Be involved in different forum to share interesting and knowledgeable comment that they can only find in your website.
4.Find ways to encourage the users to leave comments and make social interaction.
5.Allowing your readers to ask questions and provide them answers.
6.Making your content easy to share.
7.Include images, audio, and videos to improve the quality of the page.
8.Don’t put too much advertisement on your site.
9.Invite other writers to put a guest post on your blog.
10.Have site information to at least general directories.
These are the accepted techniques or the ethical SEO that is used by the black hat seo forum for the benefit of the users and the search engines. You can learn more about these by reading also and comparing black hat SEO.

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